Blakely Is One! / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Sweet Blakely is one year old already!  I know, I know...I say it every. single. time.  I can't believe that a year goes so fast when you're OLD taking pictures of YOUNG people! ;) 

Looking over Blakely's pictures from the year for her video, I can't help but think about how expressive she's always been.  She makes so many different faces and smiles a ton!  One pose can last for ten pictures just from all the different faces she'll make at one time....LOVE her!  I'm going to miss seeing Blakely and her sweet peeps every three months.  They are so sweet, they'll even send us a text on the way to a session to ask us if we want them to pick us up something from Mickey D's while they are there.  We love these guys. 

That has to be one of the very best parts of what we do...aside from the adorable kiddos, finding awesome ways to use cool's the friendships we get to have with rad people.  These rad people are some of our faves!

The first time sweet Blakely came to us was at only 6 days new!

The family photo while Blakely was in that tiny belly of her mom's!

Blakely and big brother Baxter love each other lots of bunches!

Check out that face, lol!

Every single one of those cake smashing photos is precious to me, love all those expressions!  Priceless.

Meanwhile back at the ranch...

To see highlights of her first year, check out the video below! :)