Taylor, Mitch and Van / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Three fun kiddos, a bright yellow wall, a mini shopping cart and lime popsicles...sounds a little crazy when you think of mixing those things together---may be a little crazy---crazy cool!! ;)  We had a lot of fun with these guys.  I couldn't get over how much EASIER it is to photograph older kiddos that don't run away with their own agendas when you want to take their pic!  It seems like it's been a long time since we photographed kids this age, and it was fun!

Little Van is one lucky guy to have such a sweet brother and sister.  Look at his smile, he's having a blast with these two!

Van's mom Ari works at a golf cart place and Van goes to work everyday and has sort of become the work mascot...this mini golf cart was given to him as a gift.  I've never seen one this tiny before!