The Crow Family / Griffin Georgia Family Photographer

Ok--so they aren't all still "Crows" but Mama Crow, Sharon, was the one who set up the session and her grown-up children started out as Crows--so I'm sticking with the Crow Family! ;)

This was our first time meeting little Madden's cousins and extended family---but he brought his entire crew with him this time...and he was the one who wasn't feeling the picture taking love lol!!  I guess he was DONE having his pictures made for the year and just wanted to play. ;)

I think we still got some good shots and we had a great time seeing some old buddies.

Mama and Daddy Crow made some pretty great looking "kids" don'tcha think?!

And those kids made some pretty great looking kids too! ;)

Madden aka MAD-dawg was super mad in this one, lol! :)