The McFarland Family / Monticello Georgia Family Photographer

I first met Rhonda when we had some sort of meeting with all the Art teachers in the county---she's the FABULOUS Art teacher at the middle school...I love sending my elementary Art babies over to her and telling them that they will absolutely love Art when they get over there with all those grown up middle school projects they get to do! ;)  Her husband Luke also teaches at the middle school...I wish I could think of what the subject is (it's a super smart subject I think, like one I probably wouldn't be great at, lol). 

They are both very laid-back, easy to hang with kind of people which I think was the recipe to making this session SO FREAKIN' AWESOME....well that and some awesomely blue skies with stellar clouds. ;)  Rhonda's only "want" for the session was a seriously green area which isn't a big want at all, but made me nervous in the dead of summer because everywhere I looked was not so pretty BROWN grass! But, we found it and now with the combo of a super cute/fun family and simple, yet gorgeous backdrop---this is one of my top five fave sessions to date!

Now on with it!

I won't even bother naming my faves...since every single one of the three of them together is my fave! ;)

Andi didn't recognize Dad without his glasses and was not happy...this is so adorable!