Carter 5 Days New / McDonough Georgia Newborn Photographer

You know you adore doing something when you get as excited for it to happen every single time it when a fresh little nugget comes over for pictures.  Honestly for me it's better than Christmas...when they get unwrapped all their newborn greatness---the wrinkles, the squishiness, the little fur on their ears and shoulders--all of that cuteness is right there for us!  It's just too great and I LOVE it!

I'm pretty sure Carter was making everyone in the room sweat a little bit (aside from it having to be so warm to keep him asleep that is!)  There was some worry that he wasn't going to go to sleep...but it happens every other time---wide awake---no sleeping--we reassure--wait it out----and then great sleeping! :) 

He especially loved basking in the sun for a few minutes---got the GREATEST smile--with tongue sticking out a bit and everything!  Anytime I can catch a smile, I'm on cloud nine.

He seriously liked to be wrapped up or covered up---so for these Bean and I worked like a rocking team to get the cover off and get the shot!  Yippeee!

Carter's peeps brought this awesome dough bowl...we may or may not have wanted to **accidentally** forget to give it back. ;)

FAVE coming up!!!!

If this next one doesn't make you smile...I worry about ya!

In case you missed it on facebook---this next one was done VERY safely, I promise!  You shouldn't be a joker when it comes to a baby's safety FO SHO!  Seriously though---it was mega safe.  This rocking horse is a family heirloom and will be featured in Carter's pics throughout the year.  Did it in color too for his mom, but I think the b&w is my favorite.