Miles is One! / Macon Georgia Family Photographer

We thought we'd be doing pics for Miles at one of our favorite parks in Macon...but saw the wedding party setting up and knew we had to vacate the premises! :)  Luckily for us, his parents were flexible and were up for a new area that we hadn't gotten a chance to shoot at!  Yay for new shooting space and for people trusting us to take them to crazy areas lol!! :)

We had a great time with this Mom's yellow dress and loved the fun cake smashing moment where Miles dumped the cake onto the ground.  Also had a first on this session---the policeman pulled up on the street behind us and we thought "GREAT, we're in trouble!!"  After all...there was a no loitering sign up! ;)  BUT---he just wanted to see Miles doing a little cake smashing.  He was super sweet and we were thankful to not get a ticket of some sort, hee!

My fave...

My second fave!