The Jenkins Family / Warner Robins Family Photographer

We had a blast going around the park with these guys!  We can't believe how much of a SUPER CHUNK Jax is now!  We saw him six months ago as a he has more rolls than the Michelin Man! ;) Big brother Drake wasn't quite as willing to ham it up for the camera this time, but he decided to bust a few smiles at the end for us.

This was our first time meeting Dad and WOW---Jax looks like a mini clone of him and Drake is a mini version of his Mom. :)

Jax when we first met him....

He's been eating his Wheaties... :) :)

Look at Mama hefting up that man!!  She's so tiny and he's half her size!  Love this one.

They asked if they could get a couple of pics we busted out with some "engagement" type pics for them!  From that we learned that they never had engagement pics we had a blast with that.  ;) We think they are a pretty super cute couple.