Riley 6 Months / Middle Georgia Baby Photographer

Time for little Riley's 6 month pics!  Baby planner babies and their peeps are so special to us...we get a chance to know them so much better and watch them grow.  It's always so much fun to see what new things they can do since their last visit.  Riley's parentals are just nice, easy-going people to hang with too!

Riley was **almost** sitting up unassisted and made lots of new faces and gave us more smiles this time too.  He put us in a few timeouts every now and then for being WAY over us trying to make him sit up when he didn't want to...but he came back with some smiles. :)

All the Alabama fans will love these!

Lurve this one!

Whew shawty...look at those ROLLS!! 

Let's play, "Where's The Baby?!"

Priceless expression...