A Look Back At 2011...it was a great one! :)

2011 was so RAD with about 165ish sessions, (WHEW!)...that I had to break the end of year video into two this time!  The pics just flew by way too fast when they were all in one.  Every session we did this year is represented---the first half of the year in video number one and second half in video number two (imagine that lol!)

Yes, we are tired from the year----I won't even attempt to count up how many pictures I edited or how many hours we spent on MonkeyBean...I don't think it's wrong to say we are tired--as long as you know that as well as feeling tired, we also feel incredibly awesome and blessed to have had enough sessions to make us tired.  :)  It was a super awesome year.  We can't even begin to describe how cool it is for someone to trust us with their memories...for someone to possibly forego other things they could purchase---in order to get pictures made with us.  It's a true honor and one that we will never take lightly.  We hope you know how personal it is to us.  My fave movie of all time--You've Got Mail--has a quote--"It's not personal, it's business."  Not the case with this business.  It's personal, it's not business.  The exchange of money, the taxes, all the etc...is the least of it for us.  The connections, the friendships, the freezing of memories, the ART of this is personal, and it's often the messiest part and our favorite part.  It's amazing.

Thank YOU for making 2011 rock.  We dig ya and we really love when you dig us back. :)

Here ya go---Part One and Part Two of 2011 in review!