Emily 12 Days New / Our last session of 2011!!

Miracle baby...is that what I should call Emily?!  This precious little nugget belongs to good friends of ours and has been in the making for years.  Just when her sweet parents (yep, I just called Bud sweet---CRAZY, I know) thought that she was never going to happen---POOF--there she was! :)  Of course POOF is a lot easier than it all really went for them....but now that she's here and is what makes their world turn, all that yucky stuff and bad times they had are probably a distant memory.  Now after all---Bud has to hold back the puke as he changes her stellar diapers. ;)  Talk about having someone wrapped---from his facebook statuses alone, we instantly saw this precious girl TOTALLY WRAP this daddy!  Love it.  He stands no chance with two ladies (make that three---including the four-legged first child Maggie) in the house.  Love it. 

Perhaps one of the most radical MBP newborn pics ever, thanks for working it out for us Emily!



I like mixing in some pure, simple shots that focus just on all that newborn goodness--along with the fun hats and props---it's the perfect mixture to me.  I think newborn sessions should always be about all that newborn goodness that goes away so quickly!

I love this little chunky big toe! :)

Another serious fave!!

Thank you for the smile sweet Emily. :) :)

So sweet with her bear from her daddy.