Mason is One! / McDonough Georgia Children's Photographer

Sweet little Mason wasn't our first session of 2011 but was number two---so it was pretty cool that he was also our next to last session of 2011.  He was however our first newborn of 2011 and I remember falling in love with him instantly.  That chub, squishy wrinkles, gorgeous skin tone and sweet smiles---he had us both at first CLICK.  Love us some Mason.  He is one of the happiest, most charming little men I've ever met.  He's got some seriously lucky people.  :)  And we are seriously lucky that they were referred to us and stuck with us for the Baby's First Year Plan.  With some sadness, here is Mason's final pics for the year...but happiness that we'll hopefully see more of this little dude in the future!

After this shot, he had Cheerios stuck in places that people should probably never have Cheerios stuck! ;)  Hope he finds some good humor in that one day, lol!

He was pretty stoked about this prop, to say the least!

That expression on the left, that right there is why I love Mr. Mason!


There's a story behind us getting this log...and I'm not sharing it lol...but trust me on the fact that it's a funny one that involves some dedicated, great friends of ours! ;)

Goodness...just goodness.  That's a lot of sweetness in one little person.

Be sure to check out Mason's first year with us in his video below! :)