Liam gets muddy / Jackson Georgia Children's Photographer

I love me some little nugget Liam!  I've taught this kiddo Art for two years and he LOVES painting rainbows and learning about how the order of the rainbow is ROGBIV...he went home and told his parents all about it when he was in Kindergarten!  This kiddo is always making me laugh and we had a blast playing with him in our mud puddles! :)

Mom wanted a fun session that was all about Liam doing his thing and had lots of color, I think we delivered on it! :)

This is by far my fave!  It felt like mine and Liam's own masterpiece!  He painted the rainbow on paper and I put it into photoshop with a picture I took of him painting in the sky.  Got the idea from Pinterest!

I may or may have not played in the puddle next to him to encourage some more down and dirty muddiness.... ;)

And here's me looking straight up crazy, but having a blast!  So glad Liam could be my first mud puddle buddy! :)