Lawson 6 Days New / North Georgia Newborn Photographer

Sweet, dainty little Lawson Kate, she was so tiny and sweet!  She wanted to fuss at us every now and then, only like being posed in certain positions...but can't fault a girl for wanting to choose her comfy positions! :)

This is the second newborn nugget this family has brought to us, makes us so so happy!

I go back and forth between loving the most simple shots the best and loving some where they are in a prop...that's why I must continue to do both then! :)

Lawson's Mom wanted this one from a Pinterest pic and was so stoked that we found just the type of frame she wanted to use! :)  That also makes us very happy!

Jessica makes fabulous headbands, bow-ties and even that little tutu that Lawson is wearing in the top pic!  Check out her shop by clicking here!

This might be my very fave from the session!