Clara 3 Months...with some Bethany too! ;) / Atlanta Georgia Photographer

Little Clara was NOT feeling it for her three month session so we had to do a reschedule...she didn't 100% love it on the reschedule either---but between the two, we got some smiles and sweet expressions! :)  She's such a cute little chunky monkey and we can't wait to see her grow up....hopefully very slowly.  Love her!

Those eyes and lips are so great!

"What are you looking at lady?!" ;)

A fave for sure...

We styled this session to be in Clara's color scheme---(yes she has a color scheme---everyone should be so lucky as to have their own, lol) but to look similar to big sister Bethany's 3 month pics (who had her own color scheme too...come on people!!) ;)

OBVIOUSLY given their similarities in appearance and the photos---I have to show some comparison shots!  Just for fun---it's not like we'll be "comparing" them or anything.  Big thanks to Leverett who made these hats super fast for me so they'd match!

Here are both of them when they were playing the "sad monkeys."  I LOVE how little sister Clara throws in the added flair of the finger in her mouth.  Top notch gov-nor, top notch.  Yep, I said that in British.

Could this be a very happy monkey?!  I do believe it is. :)

And now to the "Mama Said Knock You Out" look...

I believe Bethany takes the gold in this one for her added flair of the bottom lip sucked in as if to say she truly means business--though that little smile gleam doesn't help her believability.

Our original little nugget is now a big two year old---she got in on some photo taking action this time too!  Love this kid!

Love love love.


The two sweetest sisters. Xoxo.  Wish I had a behind the scenes shot of getting this pic---pretty hilarious.