Dane 10 Days / McDonough Georgia Newborn Photographer

Sweet Dane was our very first newborn of 2012, holla!!  He was so so good to us...he didn't even poop until right after his mama put his diaper back on.  How considerate is that?!  He brought along super sweet big sister Ava and we were able to get some of the sweetest sibling shots ever!  Mom and Dad are incredibly laid back parents that said they'd like whatever we did and they just chilled out while we did our thing.  Dad even got the enjoyment of being the one to watch Beauty and the Beast with Ava on the sofa lol! ;)

Dane's Mom and Dad are super duper baseball/softball fans/players---so this photo was a must!

You MUST check out PeetiePie on etsy---owned by the fabulous Stephanie who is an awesome client friend of ours.  We are SO stoked to be working alongside her to showcase her stellar work.  She is radical and makes awesome photography props, hats, etc...and gives to charity.  Big puffy heart!  This hat is one of hers!  She is bringing us something this weekend and MAN OH MAN I'm about to fall out from anticipation of getting to use it.  Eek!

And the best surprise we've gotten...maybe ever...the MonkeyBean beanie she created in our honor!!  Say WHAT?!  Yes, we were flattered, honored, stoked, enamoured...all of the above.

So so sweet.

He is absolutely adorable!