Amarah and Evan / Atlanta Georgia Children's Photographer

We knew that Amarah and Evan's parents wanted a session with them having fun and being exactly who they are right now...having a great time at being kiddos.  We didn't know or forgot that we'd be having some super cool dress up when we saw dad helping Spidey get ready----we knew we were in for an easy, cool session!  When sweet Cinderella Amarah walked around from the other side of the car and Spidey busted out with a lightsaber, well that was just the icing on the cake.  It was time to get down.

Let me just go ahead and start out with probably my fave from the session!  This pic is so bad ace!

These are perhaps the most fierce eyebrows I've ever seen, he's telling those bad guys he means business.

Such a sweetie!

I love superhero poses so much---it was so hard to narrow these down for posting!  He really did rock them out!

Love this one of Amarah!

I had one where I focused on the end of the lightsaber but I didn't like how much it blurred Evan out--ended up liking this one much better.

Love the display of sibling love in these next two.  So precious.

You know in movies where the music is playing and someone is running in slow motion?  Right here. :) :)