Maddie Jane is One! / North Georgia Children's Photographer

Aww sweet Maddie Jane is one!!  We've had an awesome year taking her pics on the Baby's First Year Plan.  She is a precious little doll and has provided me with some of our fave pics ever because of that sweet cuteness she has going on! :)

Her parents ROCK and are always so so laid back and up for anything we want to do....even climbing down into ridiculousness for a sweet vintage carriage shot.  ;)

There's no greater honor for us than to have a sweet babe's entire first year of documentation entrusted to us.  None.

Here's a little then and now for ya!

In case you missed it on facebook (MOM) here's the "Who peed in your Cheerios?!" pic!  Poor MJ was NOT loving the fact that she had Cheerios in places she didn't want Cheerios.  Promise that we weren't torturing this cutie!

And one displaying the split second change in a female's emotions lol!! ;)

Of course we let big sis Abbey in on the action too. sweet!