Harper 7 Days New / Newnan Georgia Newborn Photographer

Sweet sweet Harper Jane, how we love you so!! This little girl stole our hearts!  She was EASY compared to most girls which won us over right away along with being so darn cuddly and gorgeous.  Her hair was some of the most amazing newborn hair we've seen too.  We really wanted to keep her so badly!  She had us at "hello" lol.  :)  I think she must be so sweet because of her super nice, easy-going parents.  We might be a little biased though, since they are a previous bride and groom!  Check out her peeps here.

You want to hear a crazy little six-degrees of separation?!  This couple found us through Madden's mom and dad because they are next door neighbors and best buddies...so we did Madden's pics, then the wedding for these guys.  Before Christie and Tracy's wedding we did newborn pics of Davis who is the son of their other neighbor buddy Kristi who was a bridesmaid at Christie's wedding that we shot! Still with me lol?!  At the wedding we met bridesmaid Mandy who was pregnant and guess what?!  We did Owen's newborn pics AND she sent us a newborn whose pics we did this weekend whose mom was in the same birthing classes as Christie.  How about all of that?!

Holy smokes I love this next image so much!  This is my favorite prop from PeetiePie yet.  Can you believe they hand crafted this beauty?! Harper makes it look even more gorgeous!

You have to check out their hats as well.

This sweet little hat was made by Melissa at Melissa's Knits.  Check her out too!  Love this pic..well love them all!

Never really done any like this and love love love them!  She looks so snuggly!

I made this background and am pretty proud of it! ;)  Got the idea from Pinterest.