Brecken Is One! / Gainesville Georgia Children's Photographer

Adorable little's not secret that he's one of my top faves! :)  I feel like a bad picture can't be taken of this precious little man!  Along with his adorableness, his mom is super sweet and waaay easy to work with and dresses this dude like he's out of a magazine.  LOVE.

His one year session proved very interesting because of ridiculously high/chilly winds with the largest balloons we've ever worked with.  We all got bonked in the head so many times and you just had to laugh at how frustrating it was to get a good pic with the wind practically carrying Brecken and the balloons off into the wild blue yonder!  In the end it worked out and we are so glad that his mom came up with such a fun idea!

Here's is the little cutie the first time we met hin and packed him down into a toolbox lol! 

And here he is now---ready for lift off!  So precious!

I think this is the first time we've ever seen him upset---he's just that happy!  Love his hat and bow-tie.  Redonk cuteness.

I just have to say that I LOVE when MonkeyBean colors are used in a session!  They might technically be Dr. Seuss colors, but if we have anything to say about it, they are MonkeyBean colors! ;)  The presents and details his mom made are just awesome! 

Check out his sweet video below!