Katie 11 Days New / Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

Sweet Katie was not really feeling the love for having her photos done but I think we still got some sweet ones of her!  She was definitely awake more than asleep, I'm sort of shocked that I got as many asleep ones as I did because it felt like she stayed awake the whole time.  She wasn't a sassy girl, just wanted to see what was going on and wouldn't stay in many of our poses.  Poor thing broke her collarbone while being born, so she probably just wanted us to leave her alone.  I think she'll love us the next time she sees us! :)

Since she was happy while being snuggled, we made good use of snuggling with mom for a few pics. :) Katie enjoyed that part and I bet mom did too! She was a sweet snuggler!

Hands down, my fave.  So cute!!!

Another fave. :0

Dad is a duck hunter and had to have this shot!  Hope he likes it!  I have another with more of the box showing for him, but this one was my fave.

I'm a firm believer that girls look just as pretty in blue as pink...maybe even more. ;) She gave me good squishy back wrinkles in this one.  Love it.