Reese 5 Days New / Middle Georgia Newborn Photographer

Cutie Reese loved to sleep!  She stay snuggled up in whatever pose we put her in!  Babies are just tiny people---all different and all want different things at different times.  We have a history of girls not wanting to sleep very well for the different props/poses----and with a very slammed packed schedule---when we got the texts from both Katie and Reese's mamas, we knew the best thing was to have them both here and switch out as needed. 

I was a little nervous at first about how it would go, but it worked great!  It usually went where one sweet girly was eating while one was getting some pics made----when that one woke up, we switched out with the other one.  It was like newborn girl marathon for us! 

Here is precious little Reese!

Once again loving some aqua with a baby girl. :)

Look at that sweet smile! Love!

Definitely a fave.

And this!

Can't decide between these next two which is my very fave from her session.