Jacob / 4 Days New / Middle Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Jacob is the first newborn we've ever had where we were contacted via email during the mom's labor to setup the session!  Normally we know months beforehand or after they've gotten home---pretty radical to have received that email! :)

Little Jacob was a sweet little snuggle bug!  I did more holding and snuggling with him than picture taking because he just didn't want to be put down or unwrapped---but managed to get an entire session completed anyway!  Woohoo!

He's a precious little man and only the SECOND boy we've had this year!  Defnitely the year of girls for us!

Such a sweetie!!

A Dad request!

Loooooovvveeee!  I love shots of newborns where they look like you've just stumbled across them sleeping sweetly someplace.

My very fave two...am still glad it was nice enough outside to get these!