Ava 11 Days New / Jackson Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Sweet Ava was so squishy and perfect!  She slept like a champ once she was out and barely fussed with us throughout the session---just easy-peasy! :)  She didn't even poop on anything and maybe only peed once, woohoo!! That's a GREAT day in newborn photography, lol!!  ;)

She's a cute little chunk---love her round belly and gorgeous lips!

Love when moms bring cute hats!

This image reminds me---she let us do sweet things with her hands, most little nuggets want to keep the balled up on us even when they are completely out.   I was super stoked that she had sweet hand poses!!

Most of our mamas love bringing flower headbands---my personal preference though is no headband. :)

I wish we could've taken this sweet little bunny outside too, but the wind was out of control and not so warm.

Perhaps my very fave from the session!  She looks so snuggly and I LOVE that round belly! :)

The next time you see this blanket it will be very purple and not fuscia anymore!  Dang dye washed all the way out.  Sucka!

Those lips and cheeks, oh my!!