Zoe 8 Days New / Marietta Georgia Newborn Photographer

Another sweet family and gorgeous baby sent to us from the completely awesome Christy!  Woohoo!  And we would've never met Christy if it wasn't for the super sweet Crow family.  We love us some Crouch and Crow peeps!! :)

Julie and Tom drove to us from Marietta GA and were not at all shocked at the trees, dirt and old bathtubs that exist in the country like some of our Decatur people, lol! :P

We had a blast with this family and talked and hung out like we were long time friends, we love it when that happens.  Such good stuff.  Oh and did I mention that they happened to bring a super gorgeous daughter with them?!  Yep, beautiful Zoe.  Though she left us with two loads of laundry, she was totally worth the pooping and peeing because she slept like a champ and posed beautifully.  Just perfection. 

I'm rather smitten with this sweet face!

PeetiePie made this stellar upcycled bonnet.  So presh! 

I have no idea a favorite from this session, they are all faves! :)

I bet Zoe's parents will get a little chuckle seeing this blanket again and remembering the ordeal and mess that got covered up to get the shot lol!!! ;)

Another super adorable hat from PeetiePie!  You guys rock!