Riley Is One! / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Sweet little Riley is one!  It's so fun...and kind of sad at the same time to see all these babies grow up so fast!  I always enjoy doing the end of year video for our babies that we've gotten to see every three months to show how much they've changed throughout the year.

Often our baby planners feel like old friends once we are finished with the year and I love that. :)  Riley's mom has been one of our faves!  From writing us super sweet thank you notes, to bringing us cupcake treats and our pups doggie cookie treats, and my favorite---just the simple act of letting us know that she loves the pics.  She's always letting us know that she appreciates somehow.  Of course nobody HAS to do that stuff and that's what makes it more meaningful to us!

Here's the little cutie the first time we saw him and then his one year session with video at the end.

8 days new:

His expressions while his parents were loving up on him in some of these, are so hilarious! :)

THE BEST lol!!

Love love love honest, unposed moments between people.  My fave.