Becca's Birthday Session / Middle Georgia Photographer

One of our dearest friends asked her daughter what she really wanted for her birthday...and you'll never believe what she wanted!  Besides a new outfit ;),  she wanted to bring a few friends over and have a fun, silly photo session with us...with a few serious pics, but mostly them just having a great time and doing whatever they wanted.  We had a blast with these sweet girls!  Not only are they super sweet, but they are cuties too!

We'd totally love to do more of these sessions and think it's an awesome idea for someone to create a memory with their friends and get great pics while doing so! :)

Here's Becca with her best buds Gracie, Zoe, and Bella!

Becca loves Julie's truck---so it was most definitely chosen as one of their props to have some fun with.  This is one of my faves!

Becca sure has grown up from the little Huck Finn girl that we remember from years ago! Cutie!!

They had us cracking up like crazy!  :)  Good times!