Gracie and Gunnar Spring 2012 / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

We've got some loyal clients and this family right here is in the top four of those loyal folks that keep on loving us and keep on coming back! :)  You know that puts the cherry on our sundae and we have a blast every time we see them. 

This time Gunnar stole the show which was QUITE the surprise for everyone.  He always has bigger and better plans than pausing for a picture moment---but he paused for a little longer this time AND laughed--so we got way more pics of him!  Gracie was seriously stressed out about going to eat VEGGIES at Buckner's after the session.  Krista realized this as they were leaving, that the reason for nothing but serious face, was her intense dread of future vegetable eating.  So next time, there will be no veggie stress and way more smiles! :) 

I know Michael's shirt is jacked up and we didn't notice it in time, but these are still some of my very faves of them as a family.  The shirt might throw off the "perfection" of the image, but life isn't perfect and this is how fun families look...I love it.

We love Gunnar's sock monkey buddy! :)

My fave...