Madison 11 days...and 26 days new :)

Meet Madison...the very first/only newborn to beat us at our game! :)  She holds the new championship title for the first/only newborn to ever cause us to reschedule before we finished the session.  When parents are stressed about the baby not going to sleep right away, we always tell them we've never had a newborn beat us--we always get them sleepy within a certain time limit and get all the images we no worries.  Just gotta have patience.  Now we have to say that one did beat us, lol!

Madison is a sweetie--but wasn't feeling the love for having her picture made when she was 11 days new.  She wanted to nurse the entire time and anytime we put her down to snap a picture, she'd scream at us.  We got about four pics in three hours.  Since things weren't looking so hot even with adding another hour on, we decided on a reschedule.  Back at 26 days new, she still wasn't so sure about being asleep and having her pictures made, but we did it!  She didn't scream at us much, but would get upset if she wasn't being held---so we decided to practice a lot of hand shots with mom and dad holding her in different poses.

Was awesome practice and pulled off the session!  Woohoo!  We loved working with this family and now have the new joke that we are all going to hang out together at the next family reunion because of being family after spending all that time together! ;)  Good stuff!

Time to meet baby Madison---the one that BEAT us! :)  Well the first time anyway... ;)

Love this one!

...and this with Mom!

So cute!!

My faves!  LOVE these! 

My fave of Madison alone.  Love those squishy back wrinkles! :)