Berkeley with a little bit of Mom and Boston :) / McDonough Children's Photographer

There's not enough words in my vocab to describe how nice and awesome I think Laurie, the mom of these two kiddos is.  She has gone from no session with us to her first and is one of our fave clients now!  When we'd like to call you a friend, you mean a lot to us!  She was just so super nice from the get-go about how she wanted this fabulous vintage Alice in Wonderland inspired tea party session for her daughter to go along with her upcoming birthday party.  She brought things for the set, but also let us go with it and put our own MonkeyBean spin on it!  We just clicked like instant bffs! :)

We ADORE a client that will get on facebook and give their pics some serious LOVE--no nit-picking this and that, no ignoring that we put the pics up in the first place---but just being GENUINELY stoked about their pics and being so super excited that they came to us and wanting to shout it from the rooftops that they are happy about their pics.  That is Laurie 120% and we are all about it!  She made it easy to want to go above and beyond for her we surprised her with a real white rabbit.  Yep, that's how we roll lol! ;)

This session will go down in the record books as an ALL TIME fave. Ever.

This is the first one I edited and still my very fave I think.  Seeing Laurie get so excited about these, makes what we do worth it!  I know I'm gushing...but I get to!  This was the type of session and interaction that make you realize as a photographer how happy you're making someone and how you're doing something way more important than just snapping some pics.

I love these of Boston telling little sister Berkeley a sweet how she's listening then laughing!

Love it!!

Look at that expression! :)

This bunny was so well behaved and we are super thankful to Mr. Jim that didn't know us at all, but let us borrow his sweet rabbit!  So so nice!

This is what a tired, ticked off Diva looks like.  Never make a diva mad--this is the look you'll get lol!