Natalie *almost* 2 / Middle Georgia Children's Photographer

Little Natalie's session had the recipe for disaster written all over it...but we were determined not to be defeated lol!  A serious storm was looming in the background---threatening to come down on us any minute, so we had to snap and move like crazy to beat that.  Also Natalie arrived a little bit angry and maybe not in the best mood for pics, but her peeps got her to crack some smiles throughout all ended well lol! 

We kept shooting until one rain drop turned into a downpour and was able to finish the entire session!

Natalie's little dress she's wearing was bought for her mom from her grandpa when she was little and she and her sister both wore it.  So sweet!  Love when clients bring something meaningful to a session.

Natalie's expressions are a trip!

I can't change many images to b&w when there are sunflowers involved...but did process only these two in b&w!

These are two of my faves...

So sweet!