Clara 6 Months and Bethany Too! / Atlanta Georgia Baby Photographer

Soooooo it was brought to my attention (nicely) that I TOTALLY forgot to blog Clara's 6 month session which is highly ironic seeing as it has been one of my fave sessions of the year!  All I can blame it on was it slipping my mind from being super busy or slightly crazy...or a mixture of both----more likely. ;)

So here is Clara's fabulous 6 month session!!  You already know, or should know if you've been around here for a while, that we super duper big puffy heart these two sweet girlies!  LOVE!  They really couldn't be any sweeter or any more gorgeous if they tried!

We did this session at Turnipseed Nursery in Fayetteville aka A Little Slice of Heaven.  The place is really Heavenly.  I wonder if he'd come build paradise in our yard!

Now that I'm blogging this session and seeing that I picked out 800 faves...maybe that's why the session never made it here lol!

Notice I haven't labeled a fave?  Yep, not gonna.  Not even favorite changes every time I look at these and I'm thankful that I'm not the one who has to decide which of these to put on the wall!!

Good gracious!  So cute I could fall out!

It's been so cool keeping this series going!