Clara 9 Months and Bethany too! / Atlanta Georgia Baby Photographer hilarious that I'm blogging the current session right after one that is three months old?!  Oh well, just double the cuteness back to back!  Gotta love it!

This time we went to good ole' Indian Springs which I tend to love and hate in spurts...right now I'm digging it for sessions---then we'll use it a few times and I don't want to step foot there until I've gone to some other places in between. :) 

This session was a sweaty one, hello it's July in Georgia!  Still went well and had a blast with my girlies!  It was even more fun having them over to the house later for pizza where Bethany entertained us with her super comedic skills!  She's hilarious!  Love 'em!

You know...if you're ever hanging out at Indian Springs and happen to feel kind when you see photographers working their magic on the rocks, it might would be super cool if you'd not be lined up directly in their background.  This way they wouldn't have to photoshop you out from most of their pics.  Not trying to boot you off the rocks from having a good time, just saying if you're feeling particularly kind that day. ;)

Clara's expression here is priceless!

Love all of these boat ones!


Precious little nugget!

That expression!!

When Bethany was 9 months there was a series of cuteness with apples...

So Clara had watermelon! :)