Emilee 9 Days ~ Warner Robins Newborn Baby Photographer

Sweet little girl! She was so easy-peasy! Now, she was a pooper and a pee-er...went through six towels even...but that just means she has a healthy in-out system lol! She was a ferocious little eater, acted like she hadn't eaten for days every time she was offered some and we loved the little noises she made. Gave huge smiles and is a gorgeous girl! Her parents cracked us up and made it a fun time too.

Before we got started, she gave these huge smiles while Daddy was holding her!  Had to grab one!

LOVE this one the most I think!

She's so pretty in pink!


She was so good about letting us get her hands out where you can see them.  Always love when they let us do that.

Another fave!