Abbey 4 Years ~ Dallas Georgia Children's Photographer

Abbey is such a sweet, diverse little cutie!! You HAVE to love a girl that loves dolls, princesses AND Spider-Man! She rocked out her superhero girls session last year with baby sister and this year provided more cuteness with her clothesline of sweetness. When Mom came to us about this Pinterest idea and said she also loves Spider-Man, we knew just what to do!! :) Love how it turned out! Be sure to check out Abbey's fab parent's creations at PeetiePie! Love them!

She did so great for her pics!

One of my very faves!

So serious lol!

I was totally digging the added touch of the mask!  This is a definite fave right here.  Complete awesomeness she was putting out!

She's grown up so much since her first pictures with us!

She was such a free bird while twirling!  Loves it!