Aubrey and Trace ~ Bolingbroke Georgia Children's Photographer

Holy huge sneak peek Batman!'s large because it was a full session with two kiddos, so I had many I loved of each them, just had to just grab a snack and enjoy lol! :D These two are super cuties and you know I loved those big gorgeous eyes on them both! Aubrey's have such a unique color, they really are amazing. Their Mom is cousins to a fave friend of ours and when we met her, it was instant love! She has the right amount of cray to be our buddy, hilarious and so nice! That really makes the session so much more awesomesauce, when you just connect like that and feel like you've been friends forever!

Primarily the session was for Trace's one year photos, so we'll start with that little cutie first!

Big sister Aubrey with her amazing eyes!  Mama said that Daddy already is gun collecting for the future! ;)

Baby rocker tees are so bad ass!  Love him in this Aerosmith tee!

Seriously, those eyes!!  She is just pure gorgeousness!

First kiddo ever to dig a whole straight through his cake during our cake smashings!

Seriously?!  He's so cute it's redonk.  He's totally edible.