Back To School Minis 2013 ~ Macon Georgia Back To School Photo Sessions

I LOVE BTS minis so much! Maybe because I was a teacher, I don't know! They are never our top minis and that's ok...those are always Easter, but I would just so much rather have these pics than bunnies if it were me lol! I get it though, peeps want those Spring cuddly creature pics, I'm just a personal fan of a school themed session myself. :)

First up Madison!  This was our first session with her and man I hope it's not our last because she is so adorable!

So cute!!

She's only in Pre-K and she can write her name like a champ!

This expression makes this one my fave for sure!

Next up, Gracie and Gunnar!  We always enjoy seeing these little cuties!

The book was upside down, teehee!!

Gunnar's expression here, too funny!  He was slightly worried about holding all those books.

Gracie has such pretty hair!

Last but not least, my little nugget Liam!  Loved his session!  He rocked out the outfit we picked out and is just so dang cute!

These with the globe, he killed!  Amazingly adorable!

My very very very fave!

These are his Dad's beloved books, so this pic is pretty special.

Love him!