Nathan 13 Days ~ Middle Georgia Newborn Baby Photographer

Nathan arrived at the studio sleeping, mostly slept through getting undressed and then pretty much slept the entire time with a light snack in between a few shots lol! He was such a precious little nugget! Seriously wanted to keep him with his compact adorable squish! He gave multiple smiles back to back and you know we love that. (btw, we call them sweet smiles, not gas.) :) Nathan was super polite and didn't poop on one single thing, however he did pee on me so badly that it pretty much looked and felt like I had wet myself!!! Wouldn't trade it though, best job in the world.

He was oh so sweet to us!

My fave!!  Will be doing this pose a lot more in the future. :)

Love love love this sweet smile!

He was so perfect, I love all of his adorable pictures and wanted to keep him!

Loves him!

Edible I tell ya!