The Ware Family Paint Fight ~ Warner Robins Family Photographer

We had such a blast with the Ware family during their evening paint fight! :) I love that Mom and Dad TOTALLY had way more fun than the kids. That's the best!! This session brought back sweet memories of our own paint fight. Good times I tell ya! Krista's mom kept saying that she has no idea who would want these kinds of pictures and do this kind of thing lol....we do!! haha! And now more have joined our crazy club. :D

The "paint" is actually flour, water and food coloring and totally comes off of everything.  It's very easy to make!

Let's jump in on the action already!  We love these guys!

Michael totally went all out war on Krista...and she got him good too!

Love that big blue blob in action!

That is a serious purple attack!

Gracie looks so cool here!

Letting the kids get Dad for a minute!

Loved the pure joy on Krista and Michael's faces while this whole thing was happening!  Grown up need to have fun too y'all!  So glad they did!

Gunnar's expression is cracking me up here!