Thomas 3 Months / McDonough Georgia Baby Photographer

When you call us amazing, tell us nobody's work has the same kind of vibe as ours and say you've been waiting at least 5 years to have pics made with us, bump yourself up to the top of the fave list!! :) All those sweet sentiments, you know we loved Thomas's mom instantly! Words can't really express how much it means to us to be told those sorts of be told that someone passed quite a few photographers on the way to come to us, makes us know we were most definitely chosen for our look and our style. That is the ultimate compliment to any photographer ever. We appreciate anyone that is sweet enough to see even just their first sneak peek and show some love on their pic! So can't wait until Thomas turns 6-7 months so we can really show off some skills!

He's a cutie with those gorgeous eyes!

Thomas's room is done in a pirate theme, so he brought this friend!  Too cute!

Sweet face!

Excited to see more of this sweetie over the year!