Rose 9 Days / Senoia Newborn Baby Photographer

Oh dynamite does come in small packages they say!! ;)  Little Rose was most definitely a little firecracker that did NOT want to give up her paci in order for us to do this outdoor newborn mini session with her.  She made us work for every single shot but I hope her Mom sees the pics as worth the effort! :)

Rose definitely let me know that if I wanted to get the pictures at all, that it was going to be done her way and I'd have to get over my perfectionist ways...I would have loved for her to be scooted up more so the fabric didn't cover so much of that side of her face, but she wouldn't let us.  Just goes to show you, sometimes you just get what you get and usually the moms are so happy with that---it's us photographers that have the perfection hang-ups lol!

Rose picked this pose as the only one she would do on the bed!  I'm telling you, little dynamite knew what she was and wasn't going to do! :)

My fave!