The Gilby Family / Middle Georgia Family Photographer

This was our first time meeting this sweet family!  We took nominations through email for families who were deserving of some awesome, free photos!  We couldn't have chosen a sweeter group of people and were so glad their friend (who is an awesome client/friend of ours) chose to nominate them!  Their story is sweet and courageous.  They are strong and have been through a lot together!  Mom wanted to keep the family pics to herself, so we're just posting the boys.

These boys cracked us up, my favorite moment was having them laugh super hard at my stinky feet comments! :D  This first one is so sweet!

Love this one!

This was the stinky feet moment I mentioned! ;)  They were a hoot!

Each time we did a different setup they begged for a silly pose, which I always obliged...hello--those are the fun ones!  Their little personalities coming out and getting to know them better was super fun!

A favorite for sure.  Sweet brothers.