Lily Is One! / Jackson Georgia Children's Photographer

I can't even tell you how much fun we had on every single one of Lily's photo sessions throughout the year. She is PRECIOUS and so full of personality! She's never held back any emotions on her sessions...shows plenty of happiness and when she's ready to move on, she showed that too. I've enjoyed capturing all of it!

She's so full of love and happiness and when you look at her pictures with her parents, you can easily see why...they are too! SO thankful we were the ones chosen to document her precious first year. It's been a blast and an honor. LOVE her!

Then and now!  So sweet!

LOVE her!

One of my favorite things about Lily is how she can go from this...

to no time!  But be right back to happy in a second!

Big bro Bunker got in on the action!