Kate with big brothers / Griffin Georgia Children's Photographer

Kate was kind enough to share her session with big bros Jack and Luke and they were all three a blast! I could tell immediately who played what role in the family and I personally got many laughs from Luke...the younger brother! Something about a mischevious, comical little dude that gets me every time! Of course Jack and Kate are super cuties too...Jack definitely plays the serious big brother role well and Kate is a great mix of both of them!

Jack!  Such a serious guy, but still a lot of fun!

Luke...the comedian!  Loved his goofy sense of humor!  So fun!

OH the things they were telling each other to get these laughs, quite a trip! :)


At the end of the session we did some twirling! :)  The light was purely magical and Kate rocked it out.  Love these images so much.