Emma 7 Days ~ Warner Robins Georgia Newborn Photographer

Her Mom called her a diva first, so I'm going with it lol! This little precious cutie was a little diva! ;) She chose her poses and fought us on every turn about something lol! :) Cutie knows what she likes and likes to stick with it! Don't think about making her do something she doesn't like lol. I love how these images give the impression that she slept soundly the entire session...hee, looks are so deceiving! ;P She sure is adorable though and though it was tiring, I loved the challenge!

I love love this first one!

Sweet smile!

That sweet pink and white blanket is hers and the giraffe too..her room is giraffes. So cute!

She's an adorable diva for sure!

Love this one a bunch!

Simple and sweet, just how I like them lately!

Her grandma bought this hat for her, we had to fight her hard on wearing it, she wasn't having it.  She finally got so tired and gave in, but just for a moment! ;)

They are always so cute all smooshed up!