Sunflower Farm Minis 2013 ~ Rutledge Georgia Children's Photographer

We had a GREAT day at the sunflower farm in Rutledge Georgia for sunflower minis!  It was just overcast enough to provide no harsh sunlight challenges for Julie or Heather to help block and made it not be so unbearably hot as well.  Couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  It held off raining until we were loaded back up in the car, headed for dinner!  So lucky!!

We saw a bunch of our super fave cuties for these sessions and got some of my favorite images ever from that day!!

First up, cutie pie Claire!  Loved the colors in her outfit!  She's so adorable!

She gave the biggest laughs/smiles of any of her sessions ever! :)  Love that!

Nothing gets this age group like a good squeaky chicken on my head!

LOVE it!

My fave:

Little Lily B. was in a bit of a mood this day, but you can't even tell in this peek except for one photo, which I love the moodiness of.  Lily is so precious!

So pretty!

I think she knows she's cute! :)

My fave: Totally looks Wizard of Ozish!  She's so moody in this one and the clouds and surroundings are perfect for it!  LOVE love love!

Luna had a full session at the sunflower farm and rocked it out.  She's such a spunky, independent little wild thing!  Love it!

I realized she had been in this tub before!  Her newborn session!

Such a cute little thing!

Lovin' the eyes!

My fave I think!

Sassy little thing!  Love it!

Mr. Thomas, the only boy who came to rock out sunflowers! He did a fabulous job with his new independent sitting skills!  Word!  Little squishy cuteness.

Not sure if this one is my fave or the next, love them both!  He's so cute!

Look at that sweet face! :)

Reese is so full of happiness!  Love her charismatic nature and all of her adorable expressions!

I'm pretty sure this is my fave!  Loving the rich colors and that sweet face!


Check out this expression!  Too cute!

Haylee and Lily were looking so pretty and sweet!  Love the added touches Mom made!

The road wasn't somewhere I planned to shoot at that day, but I love the lines and they looked so rad standing here.  Love how it turned out!

Cute, sweet little nugget!


This is my fave I think!  They are so pretty!

Ah Lucy!  Lucy rocked out her session in that special Lucy way!   She's got a little something about her, just the right amount of sass and sweet and will do EVERY single direction I ask her to.  I love these!

Look at that little expression...trouble lol!

Love this one!

Here are my top faves of Lucy's!  Look at this pose!  Seriously!


If you made it this far, you get to see my fave from the whole day.  Lucy and I both just rocked it out and I love it so much!