Cooper ~ 6 Days New ~ Covington Georgia Newborn Photographer

All these sweet boys!  Love them!!  They are such good little sleepers and Cooper was no exception.  Slept like a champ.  You know if you can put one in a toy dumptruck and they stay asleep for a few shots, you've got yourself a great, easy sleeper.  He's such a squishy cutie too!

The truck was his Mom's main request.  Nailed it! :)  Thanks to him though.  If he wasn't feeling it, there's no way we could have pulled it off.

He was sleeping so great, I pushed my luck for a different angle too! :D

He totally rocked out this adorable set!

Such a sweetie!

Look at those lashes!

Love this so much!  Grey and red are magical....with an adorable baby! :)