Hunter and Kendall ~ Twin Newborns ~ Atlanta Georgia Twin Newborn Photographers

We've never ever had boy/girl newborn twins before!  They were so cute!  They definitely made us work for it though...if you've ever been around twins, you know that they RARELY do the same thing at the same time lol.  So we'd have one sleeping soundly and the other would be wide awake and hungry.  Once one was almost done eating, the other would wake up and want to be fed!  Haha!  That's just how it goes with twins.  They are precious enough that it's worth it lol.

This one is my absolute favorite.

And this one!  Goodness gracious, so stinking adorable.

Kendall on the right, was the feisty one--always trying to beat up her brother, so we made her be the polar bear, haha! Check out her gorgeous lips!

Cutie pie Hunter

Pretty little Kendall

Our friend Jessica with She's Dainty He's Dapper custom made these sweet hats for them!

Love love love!