Hawkins Family

Brodie and Colt have had their pictures made with us before but this is Mom and Dad's first time being part of the session as well...and LUCKY for Dad, Mom decided that everyone would wear pjs for part of this session! WE LOVE IT! Poor guy had to leave the hunting club with his buddies to come dress up in pjs for pictures...in the GUY world, that is serious cause for getting picked on! :) I didn't even THINK about putting them on facebook and tagging them for all his buddies to see until he gave me the wonderful idea...so I had to race home and "friend" him for when these were ready. ;) Christy must have had to do some serious bribing or Jason was had a crazy debt to pay off!

I think years down the road, Christy and Jason's boys will cherish having these photos of them with their Mom and Dad...and I'm willing to bet Jason is already glad he participated!

Brodie was very cooperative this time, so we got more pictures of him alone...Colt was having too much fun exploring a new place to slow down for picture taking.

Brodie and Colt

We had fun playing with Brodie and Colt at Indian Springs last Saturday! Brodie just turned 3 years old and Colt is 9 months old. We had to be lightning fast to catch up with Brodie...but since Colt can't walk yet, I was able to grab him up a lot and get some seriously nice, squishy baby hugs! I pretty much fell in love with him and wasn't really wanting to give him back in the end. Unfortunately, he was too big to smuggle away in my camera bag. :)

Here's big brother Brodie:

And baby brother Colt:

"Togetherness" shots weren't really working out too well that day, but we do have a few...here's a little proof that they were in the same place at the same time! :)

Those amazing green eyes and that adorable smile...LOVE.