Caitie and Kevin's Wedding Part 2

For the final installment of Caitie and Kevin's wedding, here's a little taste of the more traditional parts of the wedding day and ceremony...with a couple of little crazy parts thrown in--like rings on strawberries. :)

Caitie and Kevin were married at Dixon United Methodist Church in Lizella and then had their reception at the Girl Scout Camp nearby. Afterward they spent a relaxing week in Helen for their honeymoon!

Seeing each other for the very first time that day:

This little guy was snapping some serious pictures during picture taking time...I couldn't help but do a picture in a picture! :)

Love how Dad's off in the distance watching his baby girl leave.

Caitie and Kevin's Wedding Part 1

Here's Part 1 of Caitie and Kevin's wedding we shot this past weekend in my old stomping ground----good ole' Crawford County! It was so close to home that afterward, Julie and I dropped in on Mom and Dad for a little visitation and snacks! My Mom rocks so hard that she had us some Cherry Cokes chilling in the that's an awesome mama!

My favorite part of Caitie and Kevin's wedding was Caitie and Kevin...they gave us plenty of time to get some non-traditional, FUN pictures, made sure we were well taken care of at the reception and are just so much fun to be around. It definitely puts a photographer at ease when a couple can just laugh and be goofy behind the camera and seem as though you're just a bunch of old friends hanging out. And nice, fun people have nice, fun friends---the wedding party was equally as awesome to be around! We love you guys!! :)

Here's part one of the pictures and I chose to go completely MonkeyBean style and leave the traditional stuff out for this first round---no worries they're there as well, but these are my favs from the day!

One of their most favorite things to do, ride their four-wheeler...

I love how Kevin looks at his new bride!

Got some awesome rainbow sunflare in this next one! Woot!

They are totally laughing about that surprise wedding gift the horse dropped off for them! ;)

Hope you guys are enjoying the honeymoon in Helen...I know your checking that facebook because I've seen the updates! :) We hope you guys love your pictures.