Madison and Charlotte (First Session of 2010)

What a very pleasant way to start off the first sessions of 2010!! I really wanted to end 2009 on a great note and begin 2010 on one as well...and was stoked when it happened! :) Madison and Charlotte were perfect little models. Mom warned me that Charlotte probably wouldn't smile or cooperate very well---so when we got that first smile, we knew we were rockin'!

Madison is 5 years old and Charlotte just turned 6 months old and they came all the way from Kennesaw to visit us for pictures. They are some of the most adorable kiddos ever and when Mom broke out all the tutus, hats and flower headbands--we were instantly in love!

There were WAY too many favorites and I couldn't narrow them down--so I'm blogging half of their session, lol!

Look at these expressions!! Favs!

Carter and Carlee

Two of the cutest, sweetest kiddos I've ever met----hands down! Carter is in third grade and Carlee is in kindergarten--unfortunately not at my school. I had so much fun with these two sweeties! They knew when to play and have fun and they knew when to hold it back for a minute and get some more posed shots---you just can't beat a great mix like that! It was one of those sessions that was smooth like butta! ;) My camera was in love with their cuteness and they were naturals behind it!

Hence the REALLY big post of photos...

This is the first time I can say that the first shot coming off of my camera was a GREAT predictor of sweet things to come! When you get this for a first shot, you can breathe a sigh of relief.

When kids are being as great as they were, I think it's important and FUN to just let them have a moment to play and BE KIDS...and those pictures can be some of the best ones! It was time for some leaf throwing!

If they were REALLY out on a boat...we definitely would have told them to distribute the weight evenly! :) Too cute!

For more fun I played "Pick Your Pose" with them...NOT to be confused with pick your nose--because that's just not a great game, esp. for photos! Adults stink at this game, though it sometimes gets them to really laugh for a few shots---but these kiddos weren't scared to be original and they ROCKED it out---these are fun!

A lot of grandkids! :)

A friend of mine from work sewed some couch cushion covers for us along with some gifts for Julie's sisters...she is an AMAZING seamstress! She can make any type of clothing, cushion---you name it, I'm pretty sure she can make it! To say "thank you" for the awesome things she created for us, we did a holiday mini session for her. She made those entire outfits you see on all four of her grandchildren---the crocheted sweaters were completely amazing!

I literally got ONE picture of the four of them together--with TWO two year olds, one 9 month old and a 10 month old...I feel pretty lucky just to have the one! ;)

Lyndzie, two years old

Rylei, two years old

Her brother Reid, 9 months old

And Kylie on the left, 10 months old

And this is her youngest daughter of four--Julia Robert's little mini me--Robin!

The Walker Family

Mandy is the Mom of Tyler and Brady---a former student/a current student! :) Big brother Tyler has moved on up to the middle school and Brady is still with us, in 3rd grade.

We LOVED that Mandy let us choose the location and was up for anything! She said they would go for pretty much any scenery/background that we wanted and trusted that we'd pick somewhere super-duper awesome! ;) We picked a place that we've seen some other photographers use and had a lot of fun exploring all the new possibilities for photos. Everyone did a great job and Brady was all about helping us pick some areas. It was fun being able to get some traditional shots for them, along with some artsy architectural type things as well!

They should start a rock band and this next one could be a CD cover! :)

I don't know exactly what kind of building this metal thing was, so I just call it the "metal thingy" to be real serious and technical. ;) Brady and I LOVED it!

This next might be my very fav. of all the whole family!

We had fun with you guys, hope you love your pictures.

Hawkins Family

Brodie and Colt have had their pictures made with us before but this is Mom and Dad's first time being part of the session as well...and LUCKY for Dad, Mom decided that everyone would wear pjs for part of this session! WE LOVE IT! Poor guy had to leave the hunting club with his buddies to come dress up in pjs for the GUY world, that is serious cause for getting picked on! :) I didn't even THINK about putting them on facebook and tagging them for all his buddies to see until he gave me the wonderful I had to race home and "friend" him for when these were ready. ;) Christy must have had to do some serious bribing or Jason was had a crazy debt to pay off!

I think years down the road, Christy and Jason's boys will cherish having these photos of them with their Mom and Dad...and I'm willing to bet Jason is already glad he participated!

Brodie was very cooperative this time, so we got more pictures of him alone...Colt was having too much fun exploring a new place to slow down for picture taking.

DeAnna and Devon

Lindi and Allison's cousins DeAnna and Devon had a session right after them at Indian Springs...DeAnna is in middle school now (a former Art student of mine) and little sister Devon is in 5th grade, a current student. Both very sweet girls, the kind that never give you any kind of problems in class and are cool chicks to hang out with!

We had a fun time, they were cracking me up at the "Watch For Children" definitely have to WATCH for children, they're crazy! ;) Or the adult who had them sit in the middle of a road might be the one to watch for! :)

"Ok, you guys watch the road that way and I'll watch this way and we'll be alright...just be sure to let me know if someone is coming behind me!" :)

Lindi and Allison

Met up with Lindi, Allison and their Mom, Angie at Indian Springs to sort of split a session between them and their cousins (who will be in the next post!) for a few Christmas card pictures. Not a whole lot where both little girlies are looking at the camera, but I think that's fine! It was great to meet you Angie and take some pictures of your sweet girls!

This is big sister Lindi, an energetic first grader!

And this is Allison, 8 months old with fabulous eyes!

Introducing The Newest Prop

Not the cute kids...they aren't our newest prop, but they are officially models for MBP! ;) The bed is the newest prop that we had to invent more space for! We are sooooooo excited to have finally had our first "trial" session with the bed, we were impatiently waiting around like kiddos on Christmas morning for all of the components to arrive and fall into place.

Jennifer was extremely nice and BRAVE to let her sweet babies out in one of the coldest, windiest October days we've seen in Georgia. We couldn't bare to get too many pictures of them in the white outfits because of how chilly it was---but think we got enough to pull off the look we were going for. Also the pjs were a fun way to show something else that can be done with the bed.

This is the debut of our newest session option we like to call, "Monkeys Jumping On The Bed!" and because of the extent of what goes into setting up this type of session, the bed cannot be used in any other type of session. It's a session in itself and will cost an additional $50.00 added on to any disc and/or print collection. 

Thank you Jennifer for letting us borrow your kiddos---it was FUN even though it was COLD! :) We hope you and lots of other folks enjoy the jumping monkeys!

So I tell Jay to give big sister Julia a's what that looks like!

And then this...LOL!

Chloe The Sweet Fairy Princess

Chloe's Mom really wanted a fairy princess session for her sweet daughter and Julie and I found the perfect location that had fairy-like surroundings around every corner! To me, a REAL location that suits what you are looking for beats out a plastic backdrop any day of the week! :) You're not going to find this kind of setting at Sears, Walmart or Olan Mills. ;)

Here is sweet Chloe in all her fairy princess glory. She's a cutie!

The next three sets are my very favs from the session!
Those eyes!

Morgan and Madison 1 Year Old

Morgan and Madison are truly little miracle babies! They are one year old, but are so tiny because they were born three months premature due to some complications. Morgan was 2 lbs. 3 ozs. and Madison was only 1 lb. 14 ozs! They had a seriously rough start with surgeries and staying in the hospital months before finally getting to go Mom and Dad have two sweet miracles to keep their hands full and are truly grateful for their blessings.

The ladies aren't identical, but they sure are close! We learned how to tell them apart quickly by their pigtails...Madison has two little pigtails and Morgan has one. :)

I thought the next two were funny! Madison says, "Awww shoot girl, your nails look fine!" to Morgan.

This is how you sometimes know when a session is over! :)

We hope you enjoy these Holly!

Danielle and Kaeden

Danielle is in the 5th grade and her little brother Kaeden is in kindergarten and are both Art students of mine. I can't believe I've taught Danielle since kindergarten--in fact her class was my very first kindergarten group--so as of this school year, it's the class I've taught the longest! Danielle is one of those students that you wouldn't mind having for years and years because she is so sweet and perfectly behaved! Certainly can't say that about them all. ;) I believe Kaeden is going to be one of those too and it was fun to see them both in a setting outside of school.

Before any of my favorite critics grow concerned about the next one...I know the lighting is pretty dramatic, but to me this kind of drama is a good thing. :)

Gorgeous girl!

For this next set I wanted you to see how Kaeden tried to pretend like he wasn't going to smile for most of the session! It went something like this, "I'm not going to smile big, nope...not gonna do it....LOL!" If I waited long enough he went from just a teeny tiny smile, to a slightly bigger smile, then an all out laugh! :) Cutie.

Lindsey I hope you love the turn out from their first professional outdoor session! Maybe we got you hooked!! ;)

Kennedi Part Two

Kennedi's session was split into two parts and we recently finished up her session at a field just down the road from our house...called up our neighbors and asked to use it and they were extremely nice and said we could use it anytime! How awesome is that?! Kennedi was hilarious around the horses who really wanted to check her out---after all she is so cute and full of personality, but she wasn't having it! She fussed at them from afar and would not sit for her pictures until they had moved on! :) She had never seen anything quite so large...but was MUCH braver than Mom who wouldn't step foot into the field...LOL! ;)

Had to start with a few classic Kennedi moments...the girl is a trip!

And now my top favs!

Love that little nugget! Her Mom said when they drove up and saw us she said, "There's MONKEYBEAN!" Cuteness.

Colt's Cake Smashing

We were so excited when we heard that Colt was coming back to us for his cake smashing and one year old photo session! You can see our first session with Colt and his brother Brodie here. Colt's hilarious because one minute he's completely serious and focused on whatever he's thinking about and the next minute he's busting out with the biggest smiles and laughs. We were able to get WAY more laughs and smiles out of him this time around. We love us some Colt! :)

First we started off with his cake smashing and I'm not exaggerating when I say he was interested in the cake for about five minutes and most of that time was spent trying to walk or crawl away from the cake to find something more interesting to do! We still got some fun shots though!

After he got a much needed bath, we went over to Indian Springs and used a cute red rocker his mom brought and his adorable teddy bear. We love our "job!" :) Thank you again Christy, it's always way more fun than work.

OK check out the feet in the next one...and they only get messier!

Here he is on the move and I love how his feet are in focus and the rest in motion!

This is after I caught him and put him in my lap to show those feet! Doesn't it look like he was making Art with them?

Julia, Jay, And Emily

Julia, Jay, and Emily's mom won a free photo session from a school raffle we had and I couldn't have been more excited that they were the ones who won!! Sweet, GORGEOUS children...every photographer's dream! They were beautiful when I asked for the "serious" face and beautiful when giving smiles as well...all around cuteness.

I'm still gliding along on the euphoric high from actually having pictures of cute children in a chair, in an awesome field! They were serious troopers---everybody was completely OK with walking through the itchy grasses to get the field photos and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out.

These are some of my most favorite photos ever and I hope that their mom will agree! Hopefully in the future, we will get to photograph these sweeties again. I'm not even going to comment on individual pictures here and there...because you would seriously get tired of me saying how gorgeous these kids look!




Kennedi, Two Years Old Going On Three!

Actually it's more like Kennedi going on eighteen! She's the most grown acting little cuteness I've ever seen...and speaking of CUTE...HOLY SMOKES! Yes, there's an overabundance of photos that I had to post of her, because though I tried to refrain, I just couldn't help myself. LOOK AT HER! Look at her cute watermelon dress with matching watermelon shoes. That pom-pom hair, perfect skin, lips and should be illegal to be that adorable. Seriously, I could just eat her up or kidnap her, but neither would make her family too I will just stick with taking photos of her. :) I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking and show you the many expressions of Kennedi. She's SO the next Welch's grape juice commercial kid! :)

I won't even bother telling you my favorites, because really they all are for one reason or another!

Phallon, thanks so much for letting me hang out with your little nugget for some afternoon fun! I can't wait for her outdoor session! :) She's everything you said!

Kaitlin and Mandy at Dauset Trails

We got back from vacation in just enough time to meet these two sweet girls and their parents at Dauset Trails. It was our first session at Dauset Trails...and also the first one where we started a s-n-a-k-e count! Yes, I spelled that word because I hate them that much! :) Kaitlin and Mandy are sweet sisters and it was a lot of fun getting shots of them interacting as sisters and having fun. The "spinning" photos are my very favorites! Mandy made us work extra hard to get her in pictures while big sister Kaitlin was very laid back...they balance each other out perfectly.

My view:

Julie's view:

Some of my very favorites:

Really, when was the last time any of us adults twirled or spun around without worrying about losing our lunch?! :) There's something very childlike and innocent about it and I love it. The way Kaitlin's dress is flying out perfectly is the icing on the cake for me.

Afterward, two slightly dizzy, happy sisters.

Thank you Liz for setting up a session and letting us have some fun with your girls! Hope the move is going well. :)

Brodie and Colt

We had fun playing with Brodie and Colt at Indian Springs last Saturday! Brodie just turned 3 years old and Colt is 9 months old. We had to be lightning fast to catch up with Brodie...but since Colt can't walk yet, I was able to grab him up a lot and get some seriously nice, squishy baby hugs! I pretty much fell in love with him and wasn't really wanting to give him back in the end. Unfortunately, he was too big to smuggle away in my camera bag. :)

Here's big brother Brodie:

And baby brother Colt:

"Togetherness" shots weren't really working out too well that day, but we do have a's a little proof that they were in the same place at the same time! :)

Those amazing green eyes and that adorable smile...LOVE.

More Rustin and Avery

The rest of my favorites of Rustin and Avery.

Who remembers the look of old school 70's photos? While I only lived a couple of years in the 70's---having been born Dec. 1977---I have still seen my share of old school photos and this next one on the left reminds me a lot of those. :) Ya dig?!

So some people have a serious aversion to "selective coloring" in photos...and yes I do agree that it can sometimes be overdone and look HIGHLY cheesy...but most of the time I have a very large crush on it. For example, these two images...LOVE!

Rustin and Avery

Oh goodness...this session was the funniest session EVER! Julie and I have never laughed so much at a session...I promise not to share all the hilariousness with the internet Heather. ;)

These two kiddos are two of my Art students at school. Avery is in Kindergarten and Rustin is a third grader. We had a fun evening with these guys at Indian Springs a couple of evenings ago and barely had to do any posing because Avery did all of that work for us! All I had to do was say, "Alright Avery, pick another pose for you guys." She would instantly come up with another pose, usually a really crazy one. :) Rustin is the laid back kid and Avery is FULL of surprises...there's never a dull moment, lol.

Heather, here is your sneak peek, we hope you love these!

This one is so sweet:

I think this next one might be a very fav. for sure!